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Apollo ParadoxThe Apollo Paradox is a full suspension mountain bike from the Australian company, and is another example of the great designing that they are doing. Year on year releasing bikes that surpass their predecessor’s in both performance and also in quality to price ratio, which is of much concern to consumers, especially in today’s economic climate.  Everyone is trying save every single penny that they can, and Apollo help you to do this once again.

The Apollo Paradox is aimed towards the middle ground of the market, at people who are either already quite keen mountain bikers, or beginners who are willing to spend a bit of money to get a half decent bike.  They do sell even cheaper bikes than this, so if that’s what your looking for, then I would advise you to take a look round the rest of this site, and you’ll get a great deal.

The Apollo Paradox contains front and rear disc brakes, and can be used for leisurely cycling along the road however, since it’s a mountain bike, it’s more suited to off-road cycling.  The Paradox had a very stylish design and a great colour scheme which means that you will always look the part, even if you’re cycling isn’t up to scratch!

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