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Posted by Shane

Apollo VorticeThe Apollo Vortice is a mixture of a hybrid bike and a mountain bike.  This is something that is becoming more common, as designers are starting to come up with new and innovative ideas to suit everyone inside the cycling community.  The Apollo Vortice is classed as an Urban Mountain bike.  Most people may be unfamiliar with this type of bicycle, but it simply lies between an Urban (or hybrid) bike and a mountain bike.

These bikes for those of you who like so called ‘recreational’ cycling, with a little bit on the roads, or through an urban environment, then some through rougher terrain.  The bike is designed more to cope with tougher terrain than roads, but, it isn’t all out on either.  So, if you would prefer to master one of the two main types of cycling, you would be better getting a more specific bike.  Although if you are a recreational rider, then the Apollo Vortice is perfect for you.

With 18-speed Shimano gearing, V brakes and a lightweight yet rigid aluminium frame, the Apollo Vortice doesn’t contain the best components in the world, but it does contain enough to provide you with enough quality and performance to enjoy your cycling, and even compete to some extent!

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