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Posted by Shane

Best Mountain Bike Under 300Mountain biking is a fantastic sport, that’s really taken of inside the last few years. Most people don’t realise that about twenty years ago, mountain biking wasn’t big at all, and not many people done it. I think that triathlons will take of in the same sort of manner. Well, enough about that, in this article, i will give you an idea of the best mountain bike under 300 pounds and dollars.

As i have repeated before, like a broken record, you should never buy a cheap, smaller brand, that isn’t endorsed by the wider mountain biking community, especially when you are buying one of the best mountain bike under 300. If you hear murmurs of people saying it isn’t up to much, well, then it probably isn’t! You should stick with the masses, and buy a proper bike, that will last for quite a long time. Most cheaper bikes, won’t last, so will cost you more in the long run.

So, below i have compiled a list of a few bikes that i believe are some of the best mountain bikes under 300. They should be good enough to get you started, however, if your really serious about it, i would advice that you read some of my other articles, and get a top of the range bike. So, here you go:

Some of these are reduced from well over 300, so are an absolute steal if you get them while their still on sale.  You should definitely get a best mountain bike under 300 within this list.

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