Commencal Supreme Dh V3

Commencal Supreme DH V3 2012Commencal Supreme Dh V3.After being in use for three years, the Commencal Supreme Dh V3 has got a few changes for the 2012 season.Really hard to imagine how the bike could be improved, especially after all the success the Atherton famliy Gee and Rachel  have achieved in recent years. The original Supreme Dh was built with the help of the Atherton family, for there world championship bids . And as we all know they have had some fantastic success over these years.

Most of the improvements this year are to the frame,reducing a lot of stress away from the members, by means of the new floating shock system, which takes the pressure away from the front and rear triangle making them less involved,  in giving as much support as the last years design. The new shock system has a really low centre of gravity , which is also a leading factor in the overall balance of the bike. So the handling of the bike is much better,and control, and inevitably better all round performance’s.

A few other good design ideas have materialised for the Commencal Supreme DH V3 2012. Like the internal cable routing, which is a really smart move keeping all the cables out of harms way. Rear wheel this year has 200mm travel, which can only be good when you hit the ground after the big jumps. Mud clearance on the back wheel is improved  for this year.Overall the bike for this year 2012 is looking good, very sleek  and also strong and robust. Rides really good especially over the jumps, and lots of pedal power.For more information on the bike or on specifications click on the link below.

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