De Rosa R838 Carbon Bike

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Posted by Shane

De Rosa R838 Carbon 2012With the De Rosa R838 Carbon bike you are getting an outstanding piece of European engineering that allows you to reach your limits that you have never been to before.  De Rosa have and still do supply some of the best teams and professionals with top quality bikes for some of the largest and most looked forward to races in the world.  The De Rosa R838 Carbon is a bike that even a pro would ride, so you can definitely be sure that it performs to a high enough level!

It is described as an ‘entry level’ frame, however, I believe that it is a lot better than that.  This term can be used when you are comparing this bike to some of De Rosa’s better bikes, however, when comparing it to the rest of the market, it provides superior quality than most and also gives you an enviable price to quality ratio.

This ensures that when you but the De Rosa R838 Carbon you are really getting value for money.  With the De Rosa R838 Carbon standing at 7.9Kg, it’s an extremely light bicycle with a Mizuno HM 3K frame that allows you to get the very best out of any cycle, not matter how long or how short.

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