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Felt F75 2012Felt F75 is a well acknowledged bike and is one of the advanced model road bicycles that are available in the present day market. You can measure the capacity, quality and compatibility of Felt F75 using any yard-stick and for sure, you won’t find it out of the cutting edge group of bikes; very adaptable and handy to use.

Bicycle riding is getting once again extremely popular throughout the world and even in huge cities, many people opt for these types of convenient bikes for commuting; one of the high advantages of bicycle riding is that you can easily overcome the generally seen traffic jams and save much time, as well as cost. Felt F75 is one of those bikes which will give you smooth and simple riding experiences, along with zero maintenance problems. The company makes sure that the customer is getting the practical efficiency of a road bike and it takes stringent measures during the production process for attaining this; all the components used for the manufacture of Felt F75 are of super quality.

Felt F75 is available in all the standard sizes; 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 and 63 cm. The stand-over height varies according to the size; in the shortest model it is 730 and in the largest model of 63 cm, it is 862. In the same way, the head-tube size of the small one is 110 and that of the largest one is 220. The wheel-base is also different in all these models. Felt F75 comes in two different colours, Matte Black and Gloss White and both looks smart. The average weight of Felt F75 comes around to 18.89 pounds. You can use this model with utmost confidence, because you will be able to stop or control it at all levels of rides; the highly powerful brake system which is created with steel hardware, Shimano brake levers and Teflon bushings, ensures this type of a safety movement.

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