Ghost SE 3000 – Ghost SE 2000

Ghost SE 3000 2012As we go further down the hardtail category in Ghost’s 2012 range, we come to the Ghost SE 3000 and the Ghost SE 2000.  The bikes are getting progressively cheaper as you can clearly see, and this is great for anyone who’s on a budget.  It allows you to pick a big branded bicycle without breaking the bank.  The main thing is though, that you’re getting unbeatable value for money, and unmatched performance at this price.

The Ghost SE 3000 contains a number of components that help to keep the performance levels of the bike as high as possible, and also allow Ghost to keep the price of this bike down.  The Ghost SE 3000 contains a lot of components that aren’t exactly ‘top of the range’, but are good enough to allow amateurs to run trails and even enter the odd competition.  With a number of top technologies, the Ghost SE 3000 provides you with an unparalleled value for money.

As you may have guessed, the Ghost SE 2000 is the cheaper version of the 3000 and is perfect for anyone who’s on a budget.  You will not see as high quality components on the Ghost SE 2000, but again, they will still do the job.  If you want to find out about either of these bikes, click on the link below.

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