Giant Escape 0 – Giant Escape

Giant Escape 0 2012Giant Escape 0, the most expensive and unsurprisingly, the best of the Giant Escape hybrid range of bicycles.  This hybrid offers more for both sides of the cycling boundary; mountain and road.  This helps you to perform better in both classes and possibly go on to excel in one or maybe even both of them.  The Giant Escape 0 still doesn’t match up to some of Cube’s hybrid bikes, but for the price, it’s definitely worth thinking about.

The Giant Escape 0 is extremely expensive to the average cyclist and the average man.  However, when compared to a number of the other bikes on the market especially all of the Carbon Fiber framed bikes, it’s actually not that expensive.  All of the Escape bikes would be much heavier than some other hybrids that you’ll see, but, these more expensive bikes will be at least two grand.

It’s not hard to see why many people refer to cycling as a rich man’s sport.  However, with companies like Giant and bikes like the Giant Escape 0, that reputation is thankfully being worn down and more people are starting to cycle on amateur and professional levels who would never had had the opportunity a few years back.

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