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Posted by Shane

GT Zone 2013The GT Zone is a beginner’s street BMX bike that’s a perfect introduction to the world of BMX racing. It comes with GTs new alloy hydroform frame which is an alloy frame and considerably lighter than the forged steel frame you get on the entry level GT Slammer. That makes this bike incredible value for money since it’s only slightly more expensive than the Slammer.

Hydroformed frames aren’t a substitute for a chromoly however; you’re still going to be better off with chromoly if you take your riding seriously. But hydroform frames are definitely lighter than forged steel ones, so if you can’t stretch to chromoly, look for hydroform instead.

What’s it like to ride?

This frame material is new and I’ve never ridden a hydroform frame before, so I was quite looking forward to it. First things first, the weight, having come from a chromoly bike I thought this bike would feel sluggish.

In truth the difference is only marginal; it certainly feels much better than a forged steel frame. One thing I did notice is that this frame flexes more than either steel or chromoly, it’s not bad, but you can fell it. I don’t think I would recommend this material to a freestyler or jump rider, but it’s much better than steel on the street or track.

The turn in is sharp as you’d expect and the ride is smooth, I think it feels smoother than either steel or chromoly, probably because the material is softer and the frame flexes more.

This bike rides on standard Alex 303 aluminium rims, which aren’t the strongest but do the job. If you want to do some serious racing you might want to upgrade to a set of Alienation rims.

Should you buy one?

The answer to that depends on you and what you intend to do with your BMX. If it’s your first BMX the GT Zone is an excellent choice, the hydroformed frame is leagues better than a standard steel one and only marginally more expensive.

If you’re a more experienced rider and looking to upgrade from a steel frame, I’d be tempted to jump straight up to a chromoloy one. The hydroform frame is good, but it doesn’t yet have the structural rigidity of chromoly. Likewise, if you’re new to BMX riding but you want to try out jumps, I’d either go for a standard steel framed jump bike or save up the extra and get a chromoly one.

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