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Haro 200.1 2013Among the Haro range you will find many examples of fine BMX bikes, each designed and made to the high standards we have come to expect from this experienced and highly regarded company. The current range includes everything from bikes for beginners to full professional standard BMX machines, and the Haro 200.1 sits neatly in the middle, a beautifully crafted yet affordable model aimed at those on a budget.

That the Haro 200.1 lies at the lower end of the price range does not mean it is in any way compromised; this is a superbly made machine using, as with all Haro products, the best available materials and components. The 200 series frame has recently undergone a redesign to make even more durable and effective, and the use of alloy 990 brakes shows that there is no getting away from the commitment to quality.

The Haro 200.1 uses the classic 25/9 gearing for the very best performance, and the padded seat is there to give the rider added comfort in those challenging off-road situations. Much thought has gone into designing this classic model with the budget in mind, and it shows in the detail touches such as the use of Haro Le Mesa tyres front and back, with the rear 2.4” for added grip and performance.

With an overall weight of a little over 25lbs this is a well made machine at an excellent price, and for those who enjoy riding on off-road courses and performing on tracks it is a great choice that will not break the bank. The Haro 200.1 offers everything you would expect from a company with 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of BMX bikes and components, and the durability and performance offered by this excellent model is what makes it one of the most popular of the Haro range.


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