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UK Market Models:
Corratec CCT Team Ultegra Di2 Standard 2013                     £3199.99
Corratec CCT Team Ultegra Di2 Compact 2013                     £3199.99
Corratec CCT Team Ultegra  Compact 2013                           £2199.99

Corratec CCT Team Ultegra Di2

Corratec is a well-established German bike brand, producing everything from touring bikes and mountain bikes, to road racing machines. The CCT Range is their carbon road bike range, with componentry dressings spanning the Shimano range from Dura Ace Di2 to Shimano 105. In the UK the Corratec CCT is available through Chain Reaction Cycles, and is found in just the Ultegra offering; with both a standard and compact frame design.

The Team Ultegra frame uses the same CCT carbon monocoque frame as the higher end PRO model, which features the flagship Dura Ace Di2 group set. The frame is designed to meet a compromise between toughness and lightweight fibre lay-ups; the ‘Revolution’ mould means the bottom bracket, chain stays and seat stays are all produced in one mould, providing a stiffer chassis to the frame, and less chance of breakages.

Just as the frame is designed for functionality and reliability, it also encompasses a good amount of flex in the seat stays to provide a comfortable ride; coupled with a fair amount of fork-rake to provide suspension in the front end.

A rather interesting feature of the frame design is the low profile chain stay, which lowers the chain stay from the drop outs, to avoid the risk of damage to the stays from chain-slap. The beneficial side effect is that you can run both a double and a triple chain set of the CCT frames without fear of frame-damage.

However, the thing that sets the CCT frames apart from the norm is their sizing technique; concentrating on the top-tube length rather than the seat tube length, they aim to ensure that the frame will provide the riding position that the customer is looking for. Therefore if you are looking for a more laid-out racing geometry you can opt for the standard model, whilst those looking for a more upright feel can use the compact frame designs. This sizing process is a clever technique of ensuring that the carbon frames have a huge amount of versatility, and a good receivership from a wide spectrum of the market.

The componentry on the CCT frames comes in one flavour… Shimano. Whether you choose the PRO at the top of the range, and get the incredible Dura Ace Di2 shifting performance; or the Team in the middle of the range, which is graced in Ultegra or Shimano 105; you can be assured the majority of the componentry will follow the name of the group set. For example, the Ultegra model has Ultegra brakes, chain set, cassette, shifters and chain. Consistency is the story here, and it is no bad thing when you are talking about Shimano components. The 105 offering will provide reliable and easy serviceable braking and shifting; whilst the electronic shifting of the Di2 group sets threaten to be addictive to anyone that tries their incredible shifting precision.

The wheel sets are the other components that set the different Corratec CCT frames apart. The Ultegra model gets an interesting DT R28 wheel set with semi-aero rims and DT comp spokes; the relatively high spoke-count on these wheels should mean that they are at home in any situation, be it the local crit race or the rough winter training roads. If you upgrade to the PRO models, you get Corratec own-brand deep rim wheel sets, which are a stunningly colourful and smart looking set of hoops; promising to cut through the air for marginal gains in the break-away or time trial situations.

Corratec CCT TeamUltegra

The finishing touches are Corratec own brand products; even on the highest end PRO models you find Corratec saddles and unbranded Corratec handlebars and stems. These in-house components look to be of a reliable, adequate quality for anyone up to and including racing pedigree.

Overall, the Corratec CCT range provides a great variety of components and frame designs to suit all rider styles, budgets and demands. With Shimano components providing reliable, faultless performance, and solid wheel sets well targeted at the potential buyer markets; the Corratec CCT really should deliver mile after mile of strong performance.

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