Schwalbe Marathon Racer

Schwalbe Marathon RacerThe Schwalbe Marathon Racer is one of the most strange types of tyre that Schwalbe produce.  Not because of the design, quality or value – which are all in check, but because of the way there is a road version and a mountain bike version.  This means that the Schwalbe Marathon Racer can be used by cyclists from all classifications to better there performances in their separate events.

The Schwalbe Marathon Racer is the fastest of the Marathon tyres and is described as being ‘optimized for speed’.  The Marathon range of tyres is well known for being able to last for thousands of miles without any wear and is therefore used by many touring riders.  This racer however re-writes the rules for this tyre type and allows them to be used in both road and mountain bike races, whether it’s one trail or a week through the Alps!

The Schwalbe Marathon Racer has everything to make it one of the best value tyres on the market right now.  With it’s low weight in comparison to other Marathon’s, and it’s long lasting tyre compared to other racers, the Schwalbe Marathon Racer gives you the best of both worlds.  You need to be careful though, in case this value and this variety dosen’t effect that performance of the tyre come race time.

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