Schwalbe Tyres

Schwalbe TyresNo special or formal foreword is needed for Schwalbe tyres, as the name itself is enough and more for self introduction; as a matter of verity, there won’t be any cyclist who is not familiar with Schwalbe tyres. The company that makes and market Schwalbe brand is Ralf Bohle GmbH, which is a German company; it is engaged in the production and distribution of scooter tyres, bicycle tyres and wheelchair tyres. The company, which has got more than nine decades of working experience to its credit, functions with the main office at Reichshof-Wehnrath, a place that lies very near to the famous city of Cologne. Under the banner of Schwalbe tyres, you can find a whole bunch of tyres that can be used for various purposes like commuting, touring, utility and sports.

Schwalbe tyres are widely used all over the world, especially in areas like USA, Australia, Japan and South Africa. It should be specifically mentioned that Schwalbe tyres are the top-ranked tyres in the European region. Special care and attention is taken by the company for incorporating all the latest technological knowledge and expertise and this is one of the main reasons for the winning nature of Schwalbe tyres. The R & D department of Ralf Bohle GmbH is doing a terrific work for making Schwalbe tyres highly advantageous to all of its users.

One of the specialties of Schwalbe tyres is that they will be available only from the exclusive showrooms, as well as from their online stores; this special arrangement is done because the company wants to maintain a perfect way of customer relation. By this way, the company is also able to give good after sales service to all of its customers. You can also avail the 24 hour customer service that is provided through the company website.

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