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Posted by Shane

The Shimano ultegra vs 105, is an interesting one, and is specific interest to the mass market, rather than to top class cyclists. The Dura-Ace is the best Shimano gears that money can buy, and is the top choice for most cyclists all over the world, due to the increased performance and quality that it brings to the table, and if you’re trying to improve, it’s worth the money you pay for it.

The Shimano Ultegra is the better of the two that i will review in this article. The main difference is the weight. Their is approximately 8 ounces, or 230g between the two different models. Now, this really makes a difference to the overall speed and acceleration of the bike, and also makes the bike easier to ride.

The Ultegra will also last longer than the 105 gears, and these two factors are translated in the price. The 105 is a lot cheaper then the Ultegra, however, you musn’t go with it just because of the price. You must remember that the Ultegra will provide you with added performance and less weight, which will make the difference when you next step onto the bike. If you have any queries about Shimano ultegra vs 105, then leave a comment and i’ll try to clear it up for you.

Below are links to the Ultegra and the 105:

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